VIP Security

The Special Unit

In bodyguard protection, the security consultants study the customer’s requirements, routine and business, and establish an organized and dynamic security detail, all as per the customer’s requirements.

The need for bodyguard security is no longer a matter reserved only for heads of states and senators. In the current era, threats are possible from various directions: business travel to crime-stricken areas, escorting delegations to disaster areas, relocation to third-world destinations, kidnapping threats for ransom, etc.

M.T.F. Group provides security services without restrictions of time or place, our staff is sent to projects and special assignments across the country and abroad even on very short notices.

Our staff is well trained, with a rich and diverse security background, trained in various threat scenarios. Our staff has been carefully selected from the best companies and units engaged in elite security.

The department managers and company consultants are graduates of the Israeli defense forces with proven experience in complex security.

Manpower is the foundation for the mission’s success.