Business investigations

Business and intellectual property information security poses many times a great challenge before the security officers of many organizations. Theft of information by competing entities may severely damage the company’s plans

Sometimes the natural caution and attention are focused on maintaining information security only against external sources, whereas information security within the organization is not properly monitored. In the past many companies fell into the abyss of corporate espionage due to an internal source who “switched sides”. The injury and insult, personally, financially and mentally are unbearable once the fraud is exposed

MTF-SECURITY utilizing the best of minds and our special consultants will help you prevent this by briefing your organization’s security officers on how to embed the right security protocols throughout the entire organization

Subjects learned in the information security and business intelligence course for managers:

         Field information security

       Preventing information from leaking out

     Management screening and employee monitoring

    Safety and security protocols


     Covert security

    Security circles

    Red team

   Security debriefs

·         Surveillance program / surveillance course / surveillance detection course

·         Operative conduct in the field – use of technical equipment, and deception techniques

   Financial investigations

    Installation of security systems and teaching how to use devices (cameras, alarms, sensors)

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